Lackawanna County Tax Collection Committee

The Lackawanna County Tax Collection Committee is composed of the 46 Taxing Districts within Lackawanna County. This includes School Districts, Cities, Boroughs and Townships.  Each Taxing District has appointed a primary delegate and can appoint up to 2 alternate delegates to the committee. Only one delegate per Taxing District may vote at Tax Committee meetings.  The rules and responsiblities of the Taxing Districts and their delegates are contained in the Lackawanna County Tax Collection Committee  Bylaws.

Current Board Officers :
Chairman - William Lazor - Scranton City Delegate                                         
Vice Chairman - David Cerra - Carbondale Area School District Delegate           
Secretary - Al Chelik - Mayfield Borough Delegate      
Treasurer - Antoinette Lopatka - Dunmore School District Delegate                    

Below are the member Taxing Districts that make up the Lackawanna County Tax Collection Committee.